Love Never Fails Marriage Box

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What would your marriage look like if you knew how to tend to each of it's parts to help it bear healthy fruit? 

Like a garden, a marriage has multiple areas that need tending to. Each area having different needs and different methods to keep it healthy. When one area is tended to properly and another is neglected or tended to incorrectly it inevitably affects the quality of the garden as a whole.

 In your box, you will find 5 activities each focusing on a different area of your garden - Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit, and Voice. We designed each activity to be simple yet effective when practiced with consistency and intentionality.

Each activity is created as a training for both you and your spouse to help identify and focus on the different areas of your marriage that need tending to. The more often you utilize them, the more healthy fruit you'll begin to see in your marriage!

As a bonus, each box comes with a FREE 1- hour virtual Marriage Counseling Session at Selah Counseling Services. 


  • Therapy Activity Packet
  • Couples Devotional
  • Felt Letter Board
  • Candle
  • Marriage Coupon Book
  • Massage Oil
  • Date Night Chat Pack
  • Journal 
  • FREE virtual Marriage Counseling Session

    "Love never fails."

    1 Corinthians 13:8


    Items in our boxes may vary. Find out more about what you can expect to find in your box down below in our "What Can I Expect?" page.