Be the YOU that The Lord Created you to be!

Here at Simply Selah, we believe in the powerful purpose and extraordinary vision the Lord has for your life. We believe that you were created to be a solution to the world’s biggest problems. And we’re here to help you unlock the strength God has placed within you!

With a Simply Selah Box, you'll receive personal development and therapeutic tools, biblical resources, and fun goodies to help you learn how to further bring out your strengths, gifts, and to build up your spirit. You'll see big results with simple and doable strategies.

Simply Selah Boxes are Spirit led and curated with love, care, and specificity by Alexis McGibbon, licensed clinical therapist and licensed and ordained minister.

Give the gift of growth!

Selah Tools & Resources

Im ready to begin my journey

"Thankful for Alexis and Selah"

"I just want to say what testimony Simply Selah box is. One day, I reopened my box and man, when you just be still for a second and God can take the little things you see as simple and just blow it up. I looked at the pamphlet it comes with and saw the resources and I've just been soaking it up ever since! Thank you for your discerning ear to hear the Lord and be obedient!"


"This Came Right on Time!"

"I've been struggling these last few weeks and this box came right on time for me!"


"Seriously Blown Away!"

"This is high quality stuff. I'm normally a weird stickler for this stuff, like if you're gonna do it, do it right kinda deal. This exceeds my expectations. Not only that but took subscription boxes to the next level."


"Love My Box it's so Beautiful!"

"The skills in the box were so good! Alexis has so much wisdom. I'm just amazed at how she put this all together and how she made the pamphlet. It's so creative and I love how she prays over me and the box. She is an inspiration!"


"Excited to Apply These Practices!"

"I just received my box and I'm blown away! This is incredible! I quickly read through the pamphlet and post cards in the box in between feeding the kids and I immediately felt peace. I'm very excited to apply these practices! Thank you for using your expertise to bring us closer to our Savior!"