You Haven't Missed Out

I repeat, you have NOT missed out on what was meant for you.
Have you ever experienced that horrible little voice trying to convince you that there’s no hope for what your heart is/was desiring? It goes on continuing to lie to you and tell you to move on, settle for less than, and to give up. You’re not the only one who experiences this! The enemy is an attacker of your heart, your dreams, your desires, and most importantly your faith. These areas have giant bullseyes and here’s why: The enemy focuses his attention on the specific areas that he can kill, destroy, and steal from. If we look at these three areas and see how in the same way that when these areas are attacked you can be brought down to your lowest of lows, the Lord can also infuse these three areas with His goodness and power and bring you to your highest of highs. This is why they have bullseyes!
The enemy knows that when we build our faith in these three areas that we are unstoppable with Christ and unstoppable for the Kingdom. What are you doing to build your faith in these three areas? Protect your hearts from those fiery darts and lift up your shield of faith! You haven’t missed out on a thing, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew  6:33